I’m an ex-lawyer, ex-physicist and ex-company director. The only thing I’m lacking now is an ex-wife. As it is, I have a wife & three lovely children.

My technology interests are network & server programming, functional languages & Linux/OSx. I like writing servers & I’m interested in hacking p2p and anonymity/privacy software: basically, anything that upsets large monopolistic corporations or the NSA/GCHQ. I’m quite interested in distributed ledger tech and machine learning/AI.

I am interested in functional &/or strongly typed static languages: Idris, OCaml, F#/FSharp, Erlang, Elixir, Scala. Go is the only non functioanl language I like. I’ll often noodle in Python or Go and translate to a proper language. I reluctantly do some stuff in Ruby Python & PHP but those all makes me feel like I looked at my sister in the shower: eeuuwww.

For ML/AI I use R, Python Matlab/Octave.

Pet hates: Richard Stallman, the MPA & clueless politicians wanking on about tech issues.

I like photography and I sing first bass in a welsh choir.

I live in God’s own county: Shropshire.

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